Monday, April 25, 2011

Age and Oral Health

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Oral Changes with Age

Dentist WinnetkaIs tooth loss inevitable in your later years? How much should adults be concerned about cavities? Here you'll find helpful answers to some frequently asked questions about oral health questions you may have as you get older.

As many people get older, they often overlook their oral health when considering other wellness issues, according to a survey by a major national dental group.

Surgeon General's Report

Four years ago, the Surgeon General released a landmark report that explored the effects of tobacco on oral health. The report galvanized the medical community even more toward the issue of tobacco use and its overall impact on our health.

In his report, the nation's chief health officer found a lot of inequities in how the nation's health care system cares for minorities and the disadvantaged. The Surgeon General called upon all U.S. health organizations to more actively promote oral health.

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